Here at WHW we appreciate every scrap of support we get from absolutely anybody. From the guys in shops that let us put up our posters to the guys on the street who don’t tear those posters down, we’re appreciative of you all.

There are a few, though, who deserve special mention. These are the people who’ve committed hard cash to the WHW Team and whose money created this website and has helped us to be able to bring you quality comics every month!

Thank You!


Eva Garcia


Bob Byrne

Lorraine Scott
Thomas Edwards
Alfonso Rodriguez
Caroline Smith
Alejandro Alcayna Pujante
Fernando Dagnino
Ant Hurlock
David Olmos
Dan Hunt
Clark Rogers
Pepa Plaza
Gerardo Carceles Sanchez
Silvia Flomesta Gomez
Ibano Moretti
Ben Davis
James Alvarez
Fernando Jimenez
Cristian Jimenez
Martin RGB
Jerry Banfield